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Could You Use A Mind Clearing?

Have you ever started feeling anxious because of all you had to (should) get done?

In the past have you forced yourself to do things right away by putting pressure on yourself? Did you end up feeling distracted, overwhelmed and getting very little done?

Mistakes, did you make a few too many of them when you were in this frame of mind? Having to do things over is a real waste of time and it can put you in a really bad mood. Talk about feeling cranky!

Make the decision to try something different next time.

Decide to not jump into all the “doing”. Take a time out before you let yourself be influenced or pulled away by anything outside of yourself.

Decide to be in the now. Before checking email, talking to anyone, washing clothes, or making the grocery list, take time to think about what is most important to you before you act.

Afterward, your mind will be clearer, you won’t be as anxious and you will know exactly what you want to get done and by when.
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