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To Your FUN Filled New Year!


“The human need to play is a powerful one. When we ignore it, we feel there is something missing in our lives.” Leo Buscaglia
In all the excitement of the new year, are you going to make resolutions?
Are you going to list all the things you wish for 2010?
Are playing and having fun going to be on your list?
How long has it been since you did something just because it was fun? The kind of thing that makes you happy and maybe even makes you laugh out loud. The kind of thing that makes you joyful being alive.

Do you remember the last time you had so much fun that you didn’t even realize that hours had passed? When you were just in the moment, living in the now?

These were the times you were busy feeding your soul even if you didn’t realize it.
When we make resolutions, or decide to take better care of ourselves, many times we focus only on food and exercise. We try to figure out what to eat and which exercises will trim our abs and thighs.

Just as important is making the decision to feed your soul and spirit on a regular basis.
It not only makes you feel happy but helps to inspire you to live the life of your dreams.

Of all the things you wish for and desire in 2010 – don’t forget to make time for fun and joy.
You get to make the decision and you are so worth it!

Wishing you the most glorious, FUN filled year ever!

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