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Do You Want Some Unconditional Love?

We have a new family member that has brought unconditional love into our hearts and souls. I’d like to introduce you to our little guy Frankie and share a very personal story with you about how having animals in our lives feeds us on so many levels.

I have always had dogs in my life and I can say that my life has been richer because of them.

Except for college and the early years of marriage, there has been at least one dog as a part of our family. There was even a time when we had two puppies and added (without Bill knowing which is a story for another day!) a third to the group a few years later.

I know my family thought I’d lost my mind but they really were lifesavers for me. Bill was commuting out of state every week for his job and the dogs gave me not only the gift of companionship but their needing care was what got me out of bed each day. They shared their unconditional love with me even if I hadn’t combed my hair or cleaned the kitchen.

Late last year we lost who we thought would be our last furry guy Duffy. We were heartbroken and missed him so but we had been thinking that it was time for us to no longer have a dog.

This is what showed up one day online when we were unsure about whether to have another dog or not. It touched our hearts so much that we were moved to bring Frankie into our lives.

At times things are brought into our lives whether we plan for them or not.

It’s now 6 months later and it’s been almost 3 months since our little rescue guy Frankie came to live with us and work his way into our hearts.

Frankie had been ignored and neglected by his owner for years. He had been living fenced in outdoors, no matter what the weather, and desperately needed someone to just love him to pieces. We had laps for him to sit on and arms to let him know he was loved and safe. And he, like all our others, wants nothing more from us than to be a part of our lives and to love us unconditionally.

I know that heaven had a hand in bringing us together and we are so grateful every day that he is with us!

Note: Unable to find a good rescue match locally, we found Frankie through a wonderful rescue organization called  Save A Mexican Mutt who is “dedicated to the countless who never felt a gentle touch or whispered affection”. You can also find them on Facebook here. They are wonderful to work with and they flew Frankie from Mexico City to San Antonio where we picked him up. If you have any questions about our experience working with them, please email me at

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