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What Does It Mean to Take a “Holistic” Approach to Your Health?


Your Keys To Living A Well Balanced Life

by Vicki Heise, CHC,HHP

Have you ever felt like this?

You couldn’t get out of bed in the morning because you were exhausted and even the coffee didn’t help you to wake up and get on with your day?

You skipped breakfast because you decided you needed to lose some weight but had no energy the rest of the day?

You dreaded going to work because it was the same old thing over and over again?

You were angry at someone for no apparent reason?

As a result of all of this you kept wondering “What is wrong with me?”.

Chances are it wasn’t just one thing that caused you to feel the way you did. Many different things created your mood. How you feel about yourself, the job you have, the foods you eat, the support you receive as well as other things all contribute to the way you feel.

What you may not realize is that it takes all parts of your life working together in balance to be a healthy, happy, contented person. This is what living a well balanced life is all about. My approach looks at the three major segments of a person’s being: body, mind and soul. I have identified 7 Keys, that when used together, help people achieve their own well balanced life.

Here are the 7 Keys:
Make Time Just for You
Feed Your Body
Feed Your Soul
Love Yourself
Love Moving
Keep Dreaming
Create Your Support Circle

Everyone is different so the areas to focus on depend on the individual.

Maybe someone has focused more on work so that now other parts of their life are out of balance. Maybe they’ve focused more on their appearance and now their inner self needs more support. As you can see, the possibilities are endless and each person has a unique path to achieve their own personal balance.

When you are ready to be truly healthy, happy and contented, take a well balanced approach to live your healthy life.

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