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Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much™
Is It Right For You?

“From internationally renowned intuitive counselor, life coach, motivational speaker, and author Colette Baron-Reid, a four-step, eight-week program for managing empathy overload–the hidden cause of unwanted weight gain.

Through her own personal experience and work with thousands of clients, Colette Baron-Reid understands the real reason many of us struggle to lose weight and keep it off. It isn’t that we don’t know what to eat or that we don’t have enough willpower; it’s that we are responding to feeling too much.

Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much™ focuses on the keys to weight loss for sensitive people: managing empathy, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, eating to support well-being, and dealing with challenging situations that can trigger disordered eating. With a simple, practical program, Colette shows you how to release the extra pounds and create a new, healthy relationship with your body, your weight, and food.”

Soon you will be hearing a lot about this book in the media. There will be articles in your favorite magazines and Colette Baron-Reid will be appearing on national TV shows to share how to deal with your overwhelming empathy and how it’s affecting your weight.

And guess what? Before the book even comes out, you have the opportunity to be coached one-on-one by me using this program and the IN-Vizion® Process at a fraction of what the cost will be in January!

To see if this is the piece that’s been missing to finally unlock the secret of

healthy weight loss for you, answer these questions and count each yes:

Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions around certain people and don’t always know if your emotions belong to you?

Do you feel disconnected and disoriented by strong emotions during family encounters and turn to food to calm down?

Do you turn to food as comfort, reward, to calm yourself or to escape your feelings from 4pm on?

When you feel emotionally unsafe, is food temporarily calming and makes you feel grounded and secure if only for a few seconds?

Rather than face a social opportunity are there times you stay home and eat comfort foods that may be a combination of sugar, flour, and dairy or processed foods like chips, cookies etc?

Are there times you can’t stop eating these foods and mentally bargain with yourself that you will start again on Monday or tomorrow etc.?

Can you gain weight without eating extra food during stressful times?

Do fear and excess food go together for you?

Do you gain weight as soon as you think about dieting?

Do you feel afraid that you won’t ever get your food under control?

Do you feel powerless when you’re in an emotional eating phase and powerful when you think you’ve got it handled?

Has your love life or sex life suffered because of your relationship to food and your issues about your body?

If you answered yes to 6 or more questions, and diet and exercise alone

have not worked for you in the past, then this program is for you!

So what is this?

The Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much™ program

and one-on-one coaching is results oriented.

It gives you the tools and support to:

Manage your empathy overload

Set and maintain healthy boundaries with the people in your life

Deal with challenging situations

Eat to support your well-being

And as a result, release the weight that you’ve been carrying for protection from the people, places and things in the world that have been overwhelming you

As someone who feels too much,
until you have the tools and know how to use them to deal with your empathy overload,
you won’t be able to permanently lose and keep the weight off.

That’s exactly what Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much™ is all about.

Click here to see what others who have completed this program with me

are saying about their experience and results!

Your empathy overload is the reason you haven’t been able to lose weight using willpower because for you it had nothing to do with willpower at all

Your empathy overload is the reason that diet and exercise alone haven’t worked for you

Your empathy overload is the reason you’ve been feeling sad and afraid that you would never be able to live in the body that you know is still inside somewhere

Are you feeling in your heart and soul that
Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much™ is what you’ve been searching for?

Hi, I’m Vicki Heise, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Founder of Live Your Healthy Life™ and soon to be Certified Weight Release Energetix™ Intuitive Coach® from Colette Baron-Reid’s Master Intuitive Coach® Institute.

I have almost completed my work at Master Intuitive Coach® Institute and will be certified shortly after you start your 8 week coaching.

You will receive exactly the same coaching I will be using once my certification is complete including the IN-Vizion® Process.

Now, I think it’s only fair that I share with you a few things about myself before you decide to have me as your coach for Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much™.

Weight has been an issue for me since my early twenties. My first summer away from home I gained 30 pounds. That’s when I started my weight loss journey that has lasted decades.

I’d lose 10, 20, 30 pounds time and time again until several times it was 50 pounds! I would be absolutely perfect while dieting but then shortly after I was done, I’d go back to my old ways of eating lots of sugar, fat and flour. I got an A+ as a yo-yo dieter.

I got to the point where I only ate chocolate all day for days at a time. It was the only thing that made me feel better.

I finally realized that I had no control over food and if I didn’t get help soon my body was going to give up on me.

I reached out and ended up being diagnosed with not only a binge eating disorder but also Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Having these labels attached to me on top of how I was already feeling about myself did little to make me feel better, however I was able to make some changes.

The bingeing stopped and I had some tools to deal with the anxiety so things got better, but there still was a missing piece.

Then I found something called HSP, a Highly Sensitive Person which was totally me.

When I heard the description I knew right away that this wasn’t another label, it was how some of us interact with the world. About 20-30% of people and even some animals are more aware of, and can absorb, the energy that is everywhere around them. Because we are highly sensitive, absorbing all this energy can be overwhelming and we will often reach for food for relief.

Learning about this helped me become aware that it wasn’t because I didn’t have willpower that I was having trouble controlling my weight. I just didn’t have the skills to deal with all these feelings without using food to help me cope and feel better.

I have followed Colette Baron-Reid for years and when she offered a class on Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much™ I knew that this was the missing piece for me and others like me.

I took the class and have been living this program since the first of the year with amazing results. I’m thrilled that I have lost weight and am most grateful for having the tools now to deal with my empathy overload without turning to food. I can honestly say this has not only drastically changed but also saved my life.

Now I am excited and honored to be sharing this amazing process and program with you!

One last thing you need to know.

You must really be ready to work on and be honest with yourself.

You have to be willing to invest the time and effort into this program to see your best results.

I know you want to be successful so if now is not the right time for you, that’s OK.


So now you’ve made the decision that

Weight Loss For People Who Feel To Much™ One-On-One Coaching is for you!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Here are your details: