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Green Living at Home

KEY ~ Create Your Supportive Environment

Here are some ideas to try and to see what works for you, your family and home. Start today to live greener at home!

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to consider your surfaces before using these ideas. For example, vinegar is NOT a good choice for granite and marble!

Two great products to try are white vinegar and baking soda. You can buy huge jugs of white vinegar and large bags of baking soda at warehouse club stores. It makes it easy to always have them on hand and they are so inexpensive compared to all the products you buy now.

Dilute vinegar and water (1 to 5) in a spray bottle to clean everything in the kitchen. Countertops, quick floor cleanup, refrigerator etc. And any odor from the vinegar goes away very quickly.

You can also use this in the bathroom for sinks and countertops. You can also use the spray to clean glass and mirrors – including windows.

To remove odors (even many doggie smells!) from carpets, lightly sprinkle dry baking soda before sweeping. It works by absorbing odors instead of covering them up and does it without using chemicals and fragrance.

In the Laundry:
Add baking soda to the washing machine with detergent (fragrance free) because it makes the soap work better and you can use less.

Try permanent dryer sheets made out of fabric to eliminate buying throw away dryer sheets and fabric softener.

We live in the woods with no grass where we raise a hardy crop of poison ivy, dandelions and weeds! I use vinegar full strength to kill these as they start to come up. My experience is that vinegar will kill anything. So use care around grass, flowers and anything you want to keep.

For Cooking/Food Prep/Storage:

~Unbleached paper towels if using with food prep (like draining or drying)
~Unbleached natural waxed paper if covering will touch the food
~Unbleached parchment paper under everything that goes in the oven – this really cuts down on cleanup!
~Replace plastic containers with glass jars for food storage. Try inexpensive canning jars in different sizes with plastic lids for refrigerator/pantry storage and regular metal lids for the freezer

Many of us have been recycling for years. As you eat less processed foods, you’ll find you have less to recycle.

Try taking one small step at a time! It won’t take you long to live greener at home!

Simplify Your Life & Save Money by Cooking

Fresh Vegs“When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste.” Laiko Bahrs

With everything that’s going on these days have you changed how you are living your life? Have you stopped getting coffee at the drive-thru on the way to work or the gym? Have you told the kids that you’ll be making fewer stops at the fast food place?

Are you looking for ways to save money? Did you know that not only can you save money by cooking at home but it doesn’t have to be complicated?

Maybe you think you don’t have time to add another thing to your to-do list. But with a little planning you can not only save money, but feed your family great tasting nutritious food and not spend lots of time in the kitchen.

Here’s how:
1. Use whole foods

~ Buy whole foods, the ones you find around the outer edge of the grocery store. You’ll find fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish and dairy.
~ Add some things from the bulk bins like grains, beans and nuts (a huge money saver!).
~ If you’re really pressed for time get some canned beans and frozen vegetables.
~ Don’t forget to throw in something new to try.

2. Prepare them simply

~ You don’t need lots of recipes with long lists of ingredients. Save the complex, full of ingredient recipes for when you have the time to enjoy the whole experience.

3. Make large batches

ahead of time of the things that take a while to cook like beans and grains. Yes they do take time, but it’s on the stove time not you actively being involved time. They’ll be ready when you get home so you can quickly put all the pieces together. Use a quick cook method for the other ingredients and make extra to have leftovers for lunch/dinner the next day or later in the week.

4. Add flavor

I’ve heard women say they wish their families would all eat the same thing. They’re tired of making different meals and listening to all the complaining. So how about letting everyone season their own meal? Prepare the food simply and have favorite condiments, spices and dressings on the table. Everybody gets to decide how much and what flavors they want to add. This helps make it easier on you and everybody’s happy!

Take a little time to plan ahead to save yourself time and money starting this week!

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